Beardsmen Spirit Oil – Product Review

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Beardsmen Spirit Oil - Product Review

Yet another great addition to the Beardsmen Spirit family.

Introduction & Overview

Product Name:

Premium Beardsmen Spirit Beard Oil 

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Beard Oil & Conditioner


When it comes to taking care of your man mane, Premium Beardsmen Spirit is an all natural beard oil that conditions, speeds up growth and makes your facial hair and skin much healthier and stronger.

Our Rating:

Beardsmen Spirit has been around for some time, and have had a lot of success in producing all natural premium grooming products. I have been meaning to try it out for a while now, as I have heard some really good reviews about it.

But if I’m going to be honest, I think what has always put me off buying it is the ugly medicine bottle style packaging it comes in (it looks like a cough syrup bottle). Compared to all the other facial hair grooming products out there in the market, you would think an established brand like the Beardsmen Spirit line would up their game in the design department, however they say you should never judge a book by it’s cover, so I clicked the buy now, and it was on it’s way. After a few days, it was time to start putting it to the test.

Growing Your First Beard

According to the label this product says it will condition and soften your facial hair, and will keep it neat, tidy and tangle free, using a mixture of all natural ingredients. It also claims that it's great for eliminating beardruff and will stop itching.

I didn’t need any more convincing, they had me at hello. I ended up choosing the Bold Forest scent and when it arrived the first thing I could smell when I opened the bottle was the pleasant aroma of cedar and pinewood which was surprisingly mild and not overpowering like most other oil brands. This product comes with instructions aimed at first time beard growers. You can't go wrong this product.

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Although I have to say I was a little annoyed that Beardsmen Spirit Beard oil didn’t come with a drip top or a restrictor valve, which makes measuring the use of it a hell of a lot easier than just free pouring the bottle into your hand.

It really showed that they might be a little behind and out dated with the physical design of their product, and should really consider keeping up with the growing trends to keep their customers happy and their products user friendly. However I wasn’t going to let aesthetics control my judgement, and I certainly wasn’t going to make any bold statements about the product until I used it for at least a week just in case I had to eat my words later.

I’ll fill you guys in on the results in a bit, but for now let's dig deeper into the features of the Premium Beardsmen Spirit Oil.

Premium Beardsmen Ingredients 

Premium Beardsmen Spirit Oil is made up of a combination of all natural, chemical free oils, consisting of Jojoba oil, almond oil, grape seed and caster oil, and is essentially a mixture of a long chain of monounsaturated liquid wax esters.

We all know the extraordinary benefits of Jojoba oil when it comes to beard care, and it’s no surprise almost every brand will be sure to have that included. For those of you who are new to the science of beard grooming, Jojoba is actually not an oil, but a liquid wax ester.

When it comes to hair care, it is one of the few ingredients that is able to soften, speed up growth and make your facial hair and skin healthier and stronger. The combination of Jojoba and other essential oils for beards is a winning recipe for the best beard conditioner on the market. 

Premium Beardsmen Spirit Oil is available in three scented flavors. You can find Bold Forest, Rousing Citrus and Tea Tree scents are available either individually or as a set. Beardsmen Spirit also produces a fragrance-free version for those who may be sensitive to strong smelling aromas.

The scented oils contain Eucalyptus oil, cedar wood oil, pine needle oil, Tea tree oil, citrus and clove. Even the ingredients used to add fragrance is made up of all natural elements which is what we like to see in our all our grooming products.

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Some Great Optional Extras 

Beardsmen Spirit has a whole line of all natural oil and conditioners, making it easy to get a set of grooming products that work well together. This was a difficult review to complete without touching a little on the other products, as they work so well together as a combo, especially if you want to establish a proper grooming routine for your man mane.

So, I thought I would give you a short run down of the other hair care products available to Beardsmen Spirit, and a couple of optional extras that worked well for me, when I began establishing my own Beardsmen Spirit grooming routine.

Shampoo and Leave In Conditioner

The awesome added bonus to buying this product is that it also acts as a leave in conditioner. Good call Beardsmen Spirit, good call! Some people also opt for buying an additional bottle of shampoo when purchasing their oil. I don’t think a lot of men understand the real benefits to properly washing your hair with special shampoo and conditioner, and that using a bar of soap isn’t the same thing.

First of all, it’s harder to get the results of using products such as oil, balm or wax if you are applying it to dirty, tangled facial hair. Special shampoo and conditioner helps nourish and soften your facial hair daily, which helps fight flaky facial hair and itching, and I guarantee that if you wash and condition your facial hair before using other facial care products you will see much more improved results.

5 bottles

Second of all, if you are the type of guy that grows really thick and wiry facial hair, you probably need more reinforcements than just oil and balm, and you should really consider using shampoos and conditioners that will help tame the beast on your face.

You can also take it a step further by incorporating brushing your facial with a brush to help apply the products evenly through your facial hair and to help brush out any tangles you may have. Using a combination of all these products and establishing a grooming routine is a good idea for the fellas who have problems with course and uncontrollable facial hair.

Get Control with Using Balm and Mustache Wax 

If you’re looking for a bit more hold and want the ability to style your facial hair or mustache then you might also be interested in balm and mustache wax to help with those bad facial hair days. Be aware that Beardsmen Spirit Mustache Wax is quite thick and can leave a certain stiffness after applying it. If you want the hold for styling, but still want your facial hair to feel natural, then you should try using balm instead. Not only does it smell really good, but it is less thick than wax and feels more like a moisturizer, while still giving you a light hold to keep your facial hair in place.

Taking the time to care for your facial is worth it! There’s just no point rocking a beard if you look like a homeless guy. Do yourself a favor, the next time you’re ready to make another purchase, have a bit of a think about the other recommended products that go really well with it. You can thank me later 🙂

Our Final Verdict

After just a week of using it I instantly saw the significant difference it made to the overall texture and length of my hair. I formed a little routine using a combination of Beardsmen Spirit shampoo, then applying my oil and conditioner afterwards, using my trusty little brush to help evenly apply the it to all the areas of my facial hair.

It worked wonders, and my entire face seriously has never felt softer! I stopped getting itchy skin under my facial hair, and stopped seeing dandruff. But the best thing I liked most about Premium Beardsmen Spirit oil was the fact that they use all natural products, which made me feel good about rubbing the stuff all over my face. I also enjoyed the lightweight consistency and the fact that it was not greasy at all in comparison to other facial care products I have used in the past.

Other than the ugly packaging and the missing drip top, this Premium Beardsmen Spirit Oil review will show this was a good buy, and I will definitely be using it again. So, if you are looking for more of our best beard oil reviews then check out this link.

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The Good

  • Made in the USA
  • 100% Natural ingredients
  • Massive 4oz bottle
  • Available fragrance free and scented
  • Conditions and softens the hair, helping to keep hair neat and tangle free
  • Relief from dandruff, itching, dry, flaky and patchy facial hair.

The Bad

  • No drip top, or restrictor valve to carefully measure amount of oil used in each application
  • Ugly branding and packaging design