The Beard Legacy Beard Oil – Product Review

Beard Legacy Oil Review

The Beard Legacy Beard Oil - Product Review

The Force Is Strong In This Beard Oil 

Introduction & Overview

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The Beard Legacy Beard Oil

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Beard Oil 


The Beard Legacy Beard Oil contains the two special ingredients that helps with hair growth, Jojoba and Argan oil, and I couldn't wait to try it! In this review i discuss the pro's and con's and give you facial hair tips.

Ever since I noticed my very first man hair on my chin, I have always had difficulty growing a full looking beard. When my facial hair does grow out, it looks ridiculously patchy like somebody has shaven parts of my facial hair while I was sleeping. It never really bothered me much before, but when my best friend returned home from his spiritual trip to India, he came back rocking a lusciously thick Guru looking beard, and all of a sudden I wanted one (we have always been very competitive with each other)! So, I Googled "beard oil for growth" and found out the products which contain a combination of Jojoba and Argan oil are the best to aid in the growth of facial hair

I went down the Google rabbit hole even further and eventually came across The Beard Legacy Beard Oil which contained the two magic ingredients that was going to help me out do my friend. There were other specialized growth products for facial hair, but most of them contained chemical additives which didn’t sit right with me. After I found out that this one was made from all natural ingredients, I was sold and I couldn’t wait to try it out!

While I was waiting for my Legacy product to arrive, I got kept readying in to the science behind Jojoba and Argan oils which taught me some interesting facts about their benefits. If you’re like me and have problems growing anything beyond a five o'clock shadow, then listen up because I’m about to break it down for you in this review!

Jojoba and Argan Oil

A lot of people are under this misconception that all mens' oil promote hair growth means that there must be some sort of special ingredient in them that magically stimulates your follicles and makes your hair grow faster.

Come on guys, we’re not living in a fairy tale and there's no magic pill that can turn you into the next Dan Bilzerian. These grooming products simply help condition and nourish your hair follicles, promoting healthy growth which in return leads to more of it. Jojoba and Argan are one of the most important ingredients that help you moisturize your facial hair.

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What is Jojoba Oil?

Jojoba is made from the seeds of the Simmondsia chinensis shrub and is extracted as a wax ester, and is found in the desert regions of California, Arizona and Mexico. Jojoba is a special ingredient because it closely resembles our own skin molecular structure (Sebum), which is naturally produced by the body and is used to moisturize, lubricate and protect both the hair and skin. Jojoba easily absorbs deep into your skin, and doesn’t evaporate like water-based moisturizers without leaving a greasy or sticky feeling behind.

You will notice that Jojoba is added to a lot of the best beard care products as it cleanses, conditions, reduces skin irritations, has natural healing properties, is an anti-inflammatory, and an anti-fungal helping to reduce acne, spots and blackheads. It also contains antibacterial properties which helps with dandruff, flaky skin and dry scalp problems. Jojoba also helps stimulate hair growth by penetrating clogged hair follicles, usually filled with excess sebum that causes hair breakage and stunted growth.

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What is Argan Oil?

Argan (aka Moroccan) is a chemical extracted from Argan trees, which are grown in remote parts of Morocco. Argan contains fatty acids, Vitamin E, carotenes and phenols which are all natural ingredients that helps stimulate cell growth and encourages healthy hair development. At the same time it increases elasticity, and reduces breakage.

A lot like Jojoba and Argan moisturises the hair and scalp, and can be used to treat dandruff while repairing damages, leaving your facial hair shiny and more manageable by reducing frizz. No you’re not experiencing Déjà vu, but they are both extremely similar, which causes many debates about which is better? The answer is "there is no spoon", meaning that there is no superior property.

They are both amazing when used individually, but when infused altogether in a product, it can create magic.

"Stick to oils containing unrefined Jojoba and pure Argan that create the conditions for healthy growth, which means less breakage so your facial hair will appear thicker and longer faster."

3 bottles

Our Final Verdict

The results are in, and after 3 weeks of using this product, I actually did see some positive results, and for me some is HUGE! My previous itching problems immediately stopped after an hour of my first application, and it was all uphill from there. Over a few days my facial hair started feeling much softer, and my bristly stubble started growing into short silky strands of hair. I ended up buying the premium comb kit that came with my order. (yes, I got serious about this) and applied the product and brushed my hair daily.

I still have quite a bit to go on catching up to my best friends facial hair (which by the way he has now cut bummed). But I didn’t care about him anymore, I was just ecstatic that I was actually growing a proper beard like a real man! I’m hoping in another 2 weeks’ time I will have a complete and fully grown man mane happening, and at the vulnerable age of 23 it’s definitely long overdue.

Overall this Beard Legacy Beard oil review is a really positive one. The drip top bottle of this product was cool, because it was easy to measure exactly how much you need to use, which was a good thing because to be honest the bottle sizes are a little small but otherwise it's great and I will be putting an order in for another 3 bottles next week!

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The Good

  • All natural ingredients made with Jojoba and Argan
  • Conditions and softens your hair and skin
  • Good for stimulating growth
  • Relives you from dandruff, itching, dry, and flaky
  • Unscented –Good for people who are sensitive to strong odors
  • Easy to use–Comes with a drip top, so you can measure your daily use

The Bad

  • Very small bottle only 1oz
  • Slightly more expensive than other grooming products