Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Cream & Gloss Conditioner – Product Review

professor fuzzworthy beard cream review

Professor Fuzzworthy's Beard Cream & Gloss Conditioner - Product Review

A flawless blend with a unique and powerful moisturizing ingredient

Introduction & Overview

Product Name:

Professor Fuzzworthy's Beard Cream and Gloss Conditioner

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Wax / Cream


Tasmania, Australia. Home of the carnivorous Tasmanian Devil and Professor Fuzzworthy's Beard Gloss. For over 25 years the creators of this great hair care product have been using nothing but premium organic natural ingredients to soothe and repair sensitive skin.

Although it has a moniker gloss this wax is a softer type of product, much like the Honest Amish Original Wax. It's a lighter wax blend that doesn't give the restrictive feeling like some of the other products we have reviewed. What is may lack in hold factor, the wax makes up in its unique ingredient of Tasmanian Leatherwood honey. This is some of the purest and rarest honey and beeswax you can find in the world and is known to have amazing healing properties.

If you've been in the beard game for a while and haven't heard of the Professor Fuzzworthy brand, keep your eye out for the unmistakable black, white and yellow tin with a design reminiscent of the snake oil salesmen era. You will thank me later.


The company is founded by Jill Saunders, who grew up in England where her family grew herbs to use as natural remedies. On her journey to find the best relief as an eczema sufferer Jill turned to her grandmother's old recipes using natural raw ingredients and formulated her very own natural skin care range.

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After immigrating to Tasmania, Australia in 1992, she discovered the Leatherwood honey that is unique to the island and now uses it in her products after the firsthand benefits she experienced.


The Fuzzworthy line now contains an ecliptic blend of the finest vegetable nut oils, butter and waxes that closely resemble the natural oil profile of your face and skin.

  1. Jojoba oil: Used for it's protective properties
  2. Certified (BFA) organic Australian olive oil: Added for rich conditioning
  3. Castor oil: Provides deep penetration into the roots for denser thicker beards
  4. Essential oils: A perfect blend of bay, rosemary, cedarwood, lime and eucalyptus. Provides the rich aroma and chosen for their benefits to repair and conditioning

I find the mix of essential oils gives off an invigorating and pleasing scent. It's one of the more unique and attractive fragrances I've come across. Eucalyptus has forever been a favorite aroma of mine as it reminds me of the outdoors.

What's Leatherwood Honey and Beeswax All About?

This is the essential ingredient that stands out among the competition. Professor Fuzzworthy is the only beard care product that contains Leatherwood honey. As far as I know it was in the Fisticuffs mustache wax or any other product that we have reviewed recently. To understand what makes this product so unique, we have to learn what Leatherwood honey is and how it benefits our man manes.

Tasmania is home to one of the world's last remaining ancient rainforests. This is where you will find the leatherwood tree (Eucryphia Lucida) in the understory of the rainforest trees. Accounting for about 70% of all the honey produced in Tasmania, it can also take up to 70 years for the nectar to mature making it the most important nectar plant for bees.

It's an exquisite product that has been compared with single malt whiskeys in Scotland with its floral aromatic flavor and even has a reputation as being fine gourmet product that is exported worldwide.

Within a remote world heritage area, the ingredient is collected after the bees turn nectar from flowers amongst the leatherwood trees into a fragrant and tasty honey. The valuable beeswax and honey are harvested and returned in an unprocessed and raw state.

Professor Fuzzworthy takes no part in any chemical bleaching or deodorizing, leaving us with a handmade formula that has been gently melted at low temperatures to then be cleaned by filtering.

We are left with a chemical free formula blended with Tasmanian Leatherwood honey and beeswax that provide healing and antibacterial properties.

"These pure and natural ingredients make the products safe enough to eat, but mostimportantly they work."

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Our Final Verdict

When I'm using a new facial hair care product I want to know what it is and what's the best way for me to use it. The first day I used the beard cream, I'll admit that I was quite overzealous with the application and achieved a prominent shine. The next day I attempted to use a smaller amount of wax and found good results with less shine and as lightly dryer beard.

My general preference was to eventually use some beard oil first and then to apply the cream after minute or so. This offered me the best results for a softer and well shaped beard. The point is, try the wax in a number of ways when you get the chance. Use it on it's own, or keep reading to see all the oils and balms that it can be combined with. You can also throw in a good quality comb to help achieve the results you are looking for.

The best advice I can always give is, don't be afraid to experiment. The tin may look small at first but you'll have a hard time trying to finish it, so use it and see what works best. I still have enough wax in the tin to last me a good 4-6 months so keep going until you know it's right. This is one of the best beard wax on the market.

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The Good

  • Handmade all natural ingredients
  • No fake or synthetic scents
  • All recyclable and reusable materials
  • 100% chemical free

The Bad

  • Not the strongest of wax
  • Some dislike the smell of eucalyptus