Wisdom Beard Oil – Product Review

our wisdom beard oil review

Wisdom Beard Oil - Product Review

Wisdom Beard Oil From Can You Handlebar Is The #1 Tool For Any Bearded Gentlemen

Introduction & Overview

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Wisdom Beard Oil 

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Wisdom Beard Oil from Can You Handlebar is designed for the sophisticated gentlemen. If you are serious about your grooming products, and don't mind forking out the extra dollars on buying a premium oil, then you're going to love this product!

Coming of age is an exciting part in every boy’s life because it’s the magical time we start to notice physical changes happening to our bodies, that’s letting us know we’re becoming MEN grrrrr! Unfortunately for me I was one of those late bloomers who didn’t start growing facial hair until I was 18, and when I finally did start growing some whiskers they were so sparsed it looked like my mustache had leukaemia. Times have changed since those grim old days, and you have probably noticed that man manes have made a HUGE comeback, and now a days it doesn’t matter if you’re a hipster, a programmer or just another guy trying to rock that modern lumberjack look, almost everybody is rocking them.

However, rugged good looks come at a price, and until you start growing a beard of your own, you will never truly understand the daily battles we go through with problems such as dandruff, itching and food being lost in our facial hair. Yes the struggle is very real! This is why grooming products have become an essential part of the bearded man’s lifestyle, and it’s not gay its called maintenance and it is necessary!

The industry has really taken off, and now you can find a tone of grooming products including oils, balms, wax shampoos and conditioners that help maintain and nourish the afro on your face. The problem now is that there are so many different products out there it’s hard to cut through the cheese.

Lucky for you, I have a strange obsession with my man mane and the products I use, and sadly enjoy spending my Saturdays writing about them....so yeah, I’m "the guy" that can give you the full run down on the best products on the market. So...let’s start with Wisdom Beard Oils

Great First Impressions That Last

The product arrives in simple yet sophisticated earthy style packaging. It also comes with a newspaper style cut out that contains Wisdom Beard Oil ingredients, and a short instruction manual on how to properly apply the grooming product.

The packing looks pretty cool, and when I first opened my the parcel, I liked the tiny tubular cardboard box it was packaged in. The natural and earthy theme in it’s packaging really goes well with the vintage insignia in their logo giving it a vintage finish. It looks sophisticated and makes me feel a little more sophisticated by just holding it lol!

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Wisdom Beard Oil Ingredients:

Wisdom Beard Oil’s ingredients is made from a mixture of natural minerals, blending together a mish mash of lightweight and heavier products to deeply nourish hair and add shine. It contains olive, grape seed, rice bran, meadow foam seed oils as well as Vitamin E and Jojoba, which is a form of wax extracted from an American shrub that mimics the skin's natural oils and penetrates deep into the skin where it matters.

I could write a whole essay on Jojoba and how it is a great choice for growth and nourishment, but in a nut shell it is simply an excellent nutrient that increases moisture to your skin and hair, and will completely rid your hair of dandruff, leaving it feeling silky smooth. The other great thing about Jojoba is that it helps keep your facial hair so moisturized it prevents split ends from occurring. Nothing worse than seeing a guy rocking a crusty beard that looks like it was grown in the sixties.

Adding Vitamin E was a genius move by Wisdom Beard Oil, as Vitamin E is a great source of moisture for the skin, and works really well as an antioxidant. Anybody who experiences dry skin would really enjoy this product.

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Scent And Aromas

Like most other products, Wisdom Beard Oil has a very earthy scent. The bottle I picked up was a cedar, lemon and spruce fragrance and it smelled really woody and masculine. It smelled good without being too overpowering so they got a thumbs up from me here.

How To Properly Apply Wisdom Beard Oil 

This product comes in a 30ml bottle and looks surprisingly small at first glance. It can be applied in two ways:

  1. By hand, tipping the bottle over so that you are left with a dime sized amount in the palm of your hand, then mixing your hands together and applying by brushing your fingers through your hair and skin.
  2. Doing the same initial action but end by using a brush to brush out your hair after applying the product

It is important to note that you only need to use a pea size amount per application. The common mistake most men make when applying any grooming products is that they use too much which can leave your hair looking wet and greasy. You also only get 30ml in each bottle so to save yourself unnecessary dollars it’s wise to stick to the advised measurements. One bottle of Wisdom Beard Oil should last most men with reasonably short hair 4–6 weeks which I think is pretty good value.

"Can You Handlebar Kicked....And They Scored"

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Size and Design  

As I mentioned earlier my initial reaction to the size of the bottle was surprising. The bottle looked smaller than the other products that I had sampled in the past. However according to the manual, you only need to use a small amount per day and it should last a man with a medium size beard 4–6 weeks, which is about the normal amount of time you would expect to go through a bottle. My thoughts were that maybe this oil is more powerful than the other, which is why you don’t have to use as much.

​Another area where I believe Wisdom Beard Oil impressed me, was the way the bottle was designed. Wisdom Beard Oils open top, however does make it more difficult to carefully measure the amount of it you use, but the style and design is one of the best in the market.

​At the going rate of roughly $20 a pop, Wisdom Beard Oil sits on the more expensive end of the scale of hair grooming products. I was willing to overlook it because it contains such high end ingredients such as Jojoba and Vitamin E.

Our Final Verdict 

Forget anything bad I may have said about Wisdom Beard Oils earlier because the results were amazing! I have been using a lot less oil than any other products I have tried, but my man mane has never felt softer and it looks really healthy these days, and have actually saved money because I am not going through it as fast.

They may have botched their packaging up a little and they might be slightly more expensive than other grooming products, but it was all worth it! It definitely deserves a place up there with the other best ones in the market. This Wisdom Beard Oil review was one of the most enjoyable i have wrote and would recommend this product all day long.  

Nicely played Wisdom Beard Oil!

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The Good

  • Made from all natural ingredients and contains Jojoba and Vitamin E
  • Nice presentation of packaging
  • Sweet smelling scent of citrus flavors
  • Conditions and nourishes hair
  • Reducing itching and beardruff

The Bad

  • A lot more expensive than other beard oils