Honest Amish Beard Balm & Conditioner – Product Review

Honest Amish Beard Balm

Honest Amish Beard Balm & Conditioner - Product Review

The only product you need to keep your facial hair looking great all day long

Introduction & Overview

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Honest Amish Beard Balm & Leave In Conditioner

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Having a distinguished looking beard comes with great responsibility. When growing a five o'clock shadow, you are accountable for its presentation and daily care. If you ignore the basic care and hygiene process you'll find yourself with an insatiable itch and an unkempt mane. But fear not, it's never too late to get a quality product that will restore your former glory.

A large problem among our brethren growing their beards is the dreaded itch that seems impossible to avoid. You start off strong of mind and will. Your scruff is getting thicker and longer and then you fall victim to itching that seems impossible to combat. A number of you will end up committing beardicide, never to see the true majestic potential of our own man manes. The sad part is that it all could have been avoided with the simple application of leave in conditioner that moisturizes your beard and removes the need to use other products or recipes for smoother skin as well. This balm gave a great balance of keeping my entire face soft and smooth for hours.

To put it simply, some balm products act as a conditioner that doesn't need to be washed out straight after use. The reason to use good quality leave in conditioner for beard management is to minimize breakage, dryness and splitting of hairs. It also softens, repairs, hydrates and nourishes your man mane from the roots to the tips of your hairs. This is what reduces the awful irritation and itching experience that can make it uncomfortable when building on more than some stubble. 

Honest Amish has created one of the most beneficial products to help restore all of the natural oils that are lost during the washing and cleaning process of your man mane. The key benefit of using a leave in conditioner over an oil for example is that there is far less mess to deal with during application process.

Over the years, I have found oils can be somewhat difficult to pour if they don't have a dripper included, which can sometimes make it difficult to get it applied evenly. When most guys think of a conditioner we generally think of liquids, but the way this product works is by using a thicker balm blend that can be easier to spread. Using a balm will also provide you with a stronger hold than oil based products can, but not any hardcore styling power that a wax can offer if you already have some hefty growth going on.

If you're already in the routine of using oils, there is no reason you can't add some leave in conditioner to get a little longer shine and vibrance from your man mane throughout the day. A conditioner will keep it hydrated and help hold back that dreaded itch we are all too familiar with. If your comfort is a priority, then take time to condition your beard often or you will find yourself with an unruly mess and constantly scratching your face during the day.

Pleasant Aroma 

I received a lot of reactions and feedback to the scent of this leave in beard conditioner while testing it for this review. When I focused in on the smell, I could sense a nice mix of spices and cocoa butter with some subtle woody undertones.

The aroma only stuck around for the first 20 to 30 minutes on average before fading away and being hard to smell without complete focus and a good strong whiff. This worked out nicely for timing my arrival into the office each day where stronger smells are often not liked but others.

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While I found it to be a pleasant and strong manly smell, there were some friends who commented on a slight hint of black licorice, which isn't exactly a popular scent for everyone, but like we said earlier, it doesn't hang around for as long as the effects and benefits do.

The Fastest Way To Add Style & Shine To Your Man Mane

Compared to using oils a good quality beard conditioner will give you a whole new factor of hold while keeping your face fuzz soft and full for hours. Amish Beard Balm isn’t a wax, so it's better suited for smaller to medium size beards that don't need as much taming. The added benefits of this being a leave in condition did provide a long lasting shine and fullness to my beard, and there was a strong enough hold that lasted a good duration as well.

With the amount of hold in this balm I was able to easily manipulate the shape of my man mane while also seeing a long lasting shine that wasn't over powering. In fact, I have found it's the more subtle shines that help to bring out the deeper colors of your beard. If you do need more hold then I would suggest you take a look at the heavy duty balm that is also made by Honest Amish

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Organic and Sustainable Brand

This is what I really love about the company Honest Amish. They keep everything hand made, all organic and sustainable. You will find over 13 natural ingredients are contained within their leave in conditioner balm.

Their proprietary blend is made of carrier oils to provide nutrients and hydration to help cure itchiness. The base oils used for this are from argan tree nuts, grape seeds, avocados, apricot kernel oils and virgin pumpkin seeds.

Argan is said to be an effective carrier oil, as it is mild, minimizing adverse effects. The oils will balance out your natural sebum oil production ridding you of itching and beardruff 

The essential oils added to this balm are for creating the scent and added nourishment effects for a soft and healthy beard. With the compliments of fruit and nut butters like Shea, Aloe, Cocoa and Kokum, the mixture is crafted into a consistent blend that is easily spreadable. I checked that there were no chemical fragrances, colors or artificial preservatives added to this conditioner, and Honest Amish even manage to create completely biodegradable and reusable packaging materials, including the tin!

Check out the Honest Amish Beard Balm video below.

How to Apply it for the Best Shine and Style Results

Just like with most balms, it’s important to begin by washing your beard and dry it out a little. I like to leave mine slightly damp before applying any product. During this review, I used the best beard shampoos every day before taking a small dab of the balm from the tin. I suggest you experiment with varying amounts to find what best for you. I find with a nice full beard, a small amount will go a long way.

Once you have the right amount, rub the balm into the palm of your hands to warm it up and get softer in your hands. When it's ready, start by applying the balm to the bottom of your neck where your beard starts. Try and rub it deep into the base of the roots, so it can work its magic quickly.

Repeat the same process while making your way up your face, always stroking your fingers towards the outer edges to coat all your facial hair from root to tip. Just let it find its own form to start with. As the balm spreads you can start to create a particular look that you're trying to achieve.  

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Our Final Verdict

Since using this balm I found that my man mane has become softer to the touch and taken on a tamer look with less random hairs poking out. It's gotten easier to manage each day and there were no signs of the dreaded itch for hours after applying it.

The tin might look small, but make no mistake, this stuff goes a long way. I’ve hardly made a dent in this 2oz tin after over 2 weeks of constant use. Obviously, this will vary depending on the size of your beard and how much product you use, but it will be hard to finish a whole tin less than 4 weeks.

What made this a great choice for me is the ability of to leave in the conditioner which pretty much eliminated the chance of any uncomfortable itch feelings or beardruff setting in. My skin is regularly flakey and I didn't have to worry about it as much during this review.

If you want to take good care of your man mane and support it with some quality maintenance products, then you need to include a leave in conditioner in your supplies. This is definitely one I am happy to recommend this as one of the best leave in conditioner for beards to anyone that needs some help combating dry or itchy skin.

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The Good

  • Handmade all natural ingredients
  • Works well on short and medium length man manes
  • Helps cure and prevent itch
  • Stops beardruff
  • Subtle scent

The Bad

  • Some comments about the aroma being strong
  • Nut allergies may be a problem for some