Honest Amish Beard Wax Review:

Introduction & Overview

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Honest Amish Original Beard Wax

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Beard Wax


The Original Beard Wax from Honest Amish is a great tool to get you started using a wax as part of your daily grooming routine. Extract the style and look you want from that beautiful face garden you have grown by simply using it to tame your whiskers.

Which is the Best Version?

My selection came down to three options when looking for the best beard wax available. The Honest Amish Original Wax, Extra Grit and the Heavy Duty Balm.I had a difficult time deciding between them as they each offered unique characteristics.

After much deliberation to avoid an impulse buy, I failed miserably and purchased all three.

Now, we're going to go deep into our Honest Amish beard wax review and I'll show the best and worst parts about it. So, hang on tight and let's get to it!

Being a long-time user of their products, I have plenty of faith in the Honest Amish brand. Now I had three waxes to review from a brand I believe in.

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When they arrived, the tins came in that old style reusable hessian sack. It's these small signature touches that attract me even more to the brand. First up is the one and only Honest Amish Original Beard Wax, but before we dive into it, let us touch up on what wax is made of and how we use it.

Great Balance Of Hold And Style For Your Hair 

As you would guess from the name, this type of product comes with a more waxier consistency. It’s the ultimate grooming aid, and is the facial hair equivalent of using hairspray on your head.

The current waxes you find on the market aren’t just for moulding and styling like older versions. With the main purpose of styling they now contain moisturizing and conditioning ingredients to take care of your man mane all day long.

This particular hold achieved by a wax is generated by the higher concentration of beeswax in the ingredients. This leaves waxes on the extreme end of the beard care spectrum where hold and style is priority.

Oil products are on the other side with balms sitting safely in the middle of them acting as the mid ground for styling and conditioning.

However strong a wax is they are generally not as strong as mustache wax. They serve the purpose of generous sculpting and taming wild hairs but are nothing like a mustache wax that will have you sporting some handlebars in no time.

In cases of extremely long facial hair you can find a good mustache wax interchangeable and at times preferable to a bearded version.

Perfect For Shorter Facial Hair

After some lengthy use on its own and with a mix of other products on a day to day basis, I’ve come to enjoy using this product for the current length of my whiskers. The Original Beard Wax offered what I would describe as a slightly stronger hold compared to other balms.

It’s most definitely a lighter product to choose from against the current waxes available with higher beeswax content. The combination of strength and smoothness is something that no other products can compare with. It really is something to admire about this brand.

This works wonders for my 3-inch face fuzz and I would highly recommend it if you're also averaging around 2-4 inches.

The product provides superior styling compared to a balm but lacks enough strength to warrant use on anything longer than 4 inches. I’ve found it helpful to train any stray hairs to lay a certain direction.

This useful technique can give it a uniform look that lasts most of the day.

The original beard wax is supportive of a smaller face garden, but if your whiskers have grown to werewolf status you will need something more heavy duty to tame that kind of beast.

More strength would be welcome if I wanted to shape my beard into beautiful sculptures of art, but I have no desire for that so the original is perfect for what I need.

As with balms the application of a wax is very similar. Using your finger or back of your thumb, scrape out a small pea sized amount and rub it into your palms and fingers. Let it warm up slightly until you achieve your desired consistency.

Then you want to work it from the underside of your hairs coming up and out from the roots.

Give the outer layer of your man mane the final touch by working the outer shell to create a thickened and groomed appearance. I find that I can rub the tiniest amount into my mustache afterwards to keep some annoying hairs out of my mouth.

With the added volume, shine and conditioning properties my beard maintains soft to the touch after application.

How To Compliment The Wax For Complete Beard Care

This is a product I aim to use in conjunction with other supplies on the regular. I’ve had the opportunity to use it on its own on a few occasions for testing and when I’ve been lazy, but I found it’s best used as the last step in a well thought out beard maintenance plan.

That is the role of the Honest Amish beard wax. It being the last product to touch your man mane is the best thing that we can probably come up with. 

My recommendation is to apply a moderate amount of oil or balm. What I would do after that is apply the product onto your man mane as the last step to help lock in the moisture, preventing your it from drying out during the day.

You can read more about the differernt types of oils in some of our other reviews. Bottom line. This brand does a superior job at protecting all of your whiskers from outside elements compared to a balm, making it useful after balm application.

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When it comes to cleaning, I’ve never had a problem with washing it out as the wax somehow absorbs into the beard so well that there is no residue hanging around. I find myself to have a soft, conditioned and smooth hair that has a natural feel when touched.

The tin is even small enough to travel around with, so after riding the motorbike to work I can grab it out of my jacket and give it a small application to avoid any crazy hair. It's such a convenient packaging really, you can barely feel the container in your pocket.

Our Final Verdict

This is the original formula that started it all. Honest Amish beard wax's oldest recipe is still a top seller in their product line.

With a blend of locally harvested beeswax mixed into organic fruit and nut oils, this natural and organic product is a perfect choice for those who have yet to dabble with wax.

If you wear a shorter beard, use it to step up your styling game, but for longer beards I would rather direct you to a higher strength product. It's become a great tool for day to day styling and comes in a sweet clove like outdoor smell with hints of licorice.

You can’t go wrong with a brand like Honest Amish, however always make sure you’re choosing the right product for your type of man mane. Hopefully our Honest Amish beard wax review helps you get your facial hair to how you've always wanted it to be.

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The Good

  • Handmade all natural ingredients
  • Best for beards under 4 inches
  • Stronger hold than a balm

The Bad

  • Best used with other products 
  • Not recommended for long man manes