What are the Best Beard Balms of 2024?

Top Beard Balms

Best Beard Balm of 2024: How to Apply & Where to Buy it?

Have you ever had beardruff so bad that you thought you were never going to get rid of that constant itching? No matter how strong willed you are or what meditative state you put yourself in, without the proper battle tools, you will inevitably lose the fight against the unstoppable force of the itch! A number of us will commit beardacide before seeing the true potential of what could have been a very robust and manly looking face, which is a damn shame!

The solution is simple...beard creams my friends. In all its forms weather it’s a balm or a moisturizer/leave in conditioner, does one simple thing. It conditions and adds moisture to your facial hair stopping the madness. How is it different from using oil or wax?

Other than the obvious, I like to think of facial hair cream as the love child of oil and wax products. While continuing to give it the proper nutrients it needs to grow by increasing a whole lot good stuff going on inside your beard. Just like an oil, it can also sometimes be used to help style your facial hair like moustache wax.

The clear benefit of beard balms and creams is that they are designed to protect and moisturize both the beard hair and the skin surrounding it so that you can minimize the itch by preventing your beard hair from drying out and also moisturize the skin underneath it. As some balms also contain styling ingredients, this means you can achieve the look you want while simultaneously looking after your facial hair and your face itself.

In most cases, the best balms will contain a small percentage of the ingredient beeswax, which gives hair hold that allows you to style and manipulate your whiskers to keep them neat and tidy. In 2024, creams have become one of our favorite grooming products because they help with almost every situation. From minimizing hair breakage, dryness and split ends, to styling and giving your face that sexy finish you always wanted. One of the most serched phrases online is "Where can i buy beard balm".  Below we have carried out full reviews with links to the best place to buy the top beard balms.

Top 5 Beard Balm Picks Of The Year


Heavy Duty Beard Balm

Honest Amish Heavy Duty Beard Balm

Honest Amish Beard Balm is by far the number 1 choice in the market. It is 100% natural, handmade, preservative free and it uses premium organic quality oils that speeds up growth and helps moisturize your hair.

Beard balm or beard oil? This may be the most popular question we get asked. It really is down to your own preference but if you go down the beard balm then Honest Amish is your man.

The Balm has a strong masculine scent, which is super easy to apply and is kind on your hands. It works by hydrating your facial hair roots giving it a superb shine and overall giving your facial hair a soft touch. This will grab all the ladies attention and will make some guys jealous.

This is a balm with superior ingredients, made by a premium brand and sold for much less, which is what we call a win-win. Honestly, hands down the best, Great value for money.


Detroit Beard Butter

Detroit Beard Butter

This butter has been earning rave reviews from all over the internet including social media. This butter has all the ingredients you need to help you style and maintain your beard.

This product is a thick conditioner that will help boost your growth and remove the stiffness of a beard. If you're looking for a top balm/butter product, then this is the one for you.


Main Image

It is very important in your everyday life to make sure that your beard remains absolutely suitable to wear on your face. Nobody wants to have a beard that looks very untidy, therefore, it is important to maintain beards properly so that they stay soft and silky and not weird and wiry.

Mr.Rugged Beard Balm Conditioner is one of the few beard balms that performs exceptionally well when it comes to ensuring that your hair is well maintained and always looking presentable. Mr.Rugged Beard Balm Conditioner is a 99.9% natural hair balm conditioner with the only artificial additive being the sweet fragrance it provides to beards when applied.

This highly effective beard balm only requires a very small portion of it to make a significant difference on your face. It mostly contains renowned natural hair care ingredients that include Soybean Oil, Argan Oil, Olive Oil, Beeswax, Jojoba Seed Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, and Cedar Wood Essential Oils.


Liberty Beard Balm

Liberty Beard Balm Premium

Liberty Beard Balm promises to moisturize and soften the bristles of your whiskers with botanicals so they don’t poke out at crazy angles giving you that wild hair look. There is such a rich profile of ingredients such as babassu, argan and coconut oil  to be found in this beard balm,  used to help style. 

We simply just wanted to put this balm up to the test, and see if it is as good as they say. It made our top 5 so that says it all. 


Gentlemens Beard Balm

Gentlemen's Beard Balm

Gentlemen's Beard Balm had to be included in our top 5. If you are looking for a balm that smells sweeter than the woodsy scent most beard grooming products seem to have, then you are going to love this.

Even though this product may not be quite 100% all natural which is usually the only types of products we recommend, I was quite surprised by how much we enjoyed it. Compared to most other products that have a very light scent, this product really stood out.

The 1% chemical fragrance added to the balm, didn’t irritate my skin and still gave me amazing results. Not very often do we give products that are not 100% natural a good beard balm review but Gentlemen's Beard Balm was one of the lucky few that made the top 5 for this year. 

How Does it Help Your Man Hair?


Does It Repair The Hair?

What does balm do? Unless you are part of the lucky minority that are born with excellent genes and just naturally grow luscious looking facial hair then you need to arm yourself with proper grooming reinforcements.

If you have unruly dry and damaged facial hair, then you want to look out for the right ingredients that help nourish these problems. A cream should be the answer to your problems, but there are a lot of phonies out there so just be aware is all we’re saying.


Stay Away From Sticky

This one’s a no brainier, you don’t want sticky creams that just tangles your facial hair even more. Balms shouldn’t leave a disgusting residue on your face or hands, and can even be cleaner than using oil. They should simply moisturize all of your whiskers, without feeling un-natural so your wife or girlfriend can brush their fingers through your facial hair all day long.


Check The Ingredients

A balm is nothing but cream without the proper ingredients. Again we advise to stay away from balms that contain chemical fragrances, colors or artificial preservatives, and recommend sticking to all natural and organic products.

So as a general rule of thumb, look for natural ingredients as a sign of quality in a beard balm. This will ensure that you are getting the best regarding moisturizing and conditioning your beard, so look for the likes of Shea butter, beeswax, lanolin, jojoba and argan oil and steer clear of those products without these.

Read the labels carefully before you start smearing it all over your face so that you can save yourself from irritation, itching and even headaches.


Do You Get The Hold Your Longing For?

The best part about balms is that they are like the love child of oils and wax. It's for that reason it is excellent for not only conditioning your facial hair but also styling. Some balms contain the ingredients beeswax found in most waxes. Beeswax gives hair hold, much like hair gel, and allows for styling and tidying your facial hair.

It can be a great tool, when executed correctly, but be aware that you only need a small amount of balm to get control of your facial hair. If you apply too much, it can leave your face feeling a little tough, and very unnatural. As the age old saying goes, less is always more! 

How To Apply Beard Balm

  1. Crack open the tin and use the back of your fingers to pick up some balm.
  2. Heat up the balm in between your two fingers by rubbing them together.
  3. Gently and smoothly apply the balm to your beard and massage it making sure that it is distributed across your beard evenly.
  4. After you have finished, make sure you have no excess balm on your beard. You don't want to be chatting up a girl and some balm is hanging off your beard.
How to Apply Beard