Can You Handlebar Mustache Wax – Product Review

can you handlebar mustache wax review

Can You Handlebar Mustache Wax - Product Review 

The perfect product combo that covers you for any situation

Introduction & Overview

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Can You Handlebar Mustache Wax

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This product is an excellent alternative to the common beard wax. Many are too tough but if you choose the right one, your face whiskers will be both pliable and soft allowing you to style that scruff without worrying about it feeling stiff. Can You Handle Bar now has a wonderful set of waxes with varying strength to use on different occasions.

You will find that most mustache products is interchangeable with wax. Some are certainly more tailored towards mustaches but for the most part a good mustache wax serves as an excellent styling resource for your mustache or man mane. Unlike balms and oils the ratio of ingredients in a mustache product are wildly different when you compare the three. Its goal is not to act as a conditioner but to first and foremost act as a styling tool that should be in every mans bathroom who wants to achieve a look that will stay in place for hours.

Look For The Beeswax

While still containing nourishing carrier oils the key ingredient in a product is the beeswax content. A very high beeswax content will allow your hairs to go in any direction you command which is why they are used in higher ratios to create some of the stronger waxes.

One company, Can You Handlebar has been providing reliable all natural care products since 2012. Recently when choosing which product to buy from them I was left with two choices. The primary mustache wax with medium hold and everyday use, or the secondary mustache wax for extra strength and firm hold. Luckily they also come in a set, which seemed like the best option as the two waxes are known to be regularly used together.

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Inside The Primary Handlebar Mustache Wax Tin

I found the primary wax to be useful when avoiding that hard look and stiff feel you get from more extreme products. The formula is handcrafted to provide what I would describe as a more balanced hold. Don’t underestimate the firm strength of this product, the hold is quite substantial and will provide great style and structure to your beard given the right amount.

When growing your facial hair, you want to begin some training of the hairs to shape the hair and get them to lay the way you want to. Primary is an excellent product for training your man mane in the initial stages but won’t give you much back if your crafting a more aggressive design that’s going to hold through the entire day. While the primary product encourages the hair to flow a certain way instead of forcing them into a direction it is very commonly used as the base wax before applying the secondary wax for increased styling. I’d recommend the primary as an effective daily wax to use by itself or with the secondary wax.

Experiment with Your Hair

When trying to pick out a good wax you should think about the amount of hold we are looking to achieve. You can always categories a wax into a soft, medium, or firm and strong hold. If your facial hair were on the shorter side, a lighter blend of wax would go well with it. However, with a longer board or one with very stubborn hairs you want to pick up a product that delivers a firm hold.

With the Can You Handlebar mustache product set, you have the advantage of experimenting with both. Without any previous experience with this brand, I wasn't too sure if the primary would be too soft, or if the secondary wax would be too stiff for my likings. With my beard growing longer and only soft waxes in my beard kit, it's was the perfect time to find a product with substantial hold before it became extremely untamed. 

What's Inside The Secondary Tin?

With an application of the secondary wax it provides an exceptionally strong hold without creating any stiffness in the facial hairs. It is similar to the primary but noticeably stronger. The secondary should be used when you want some detailed styling power in your facial hair.

You know it has very high beeswax content from the smell alone. The added beeswax provides extra strength to add flair and design to the common beard. It is rock hard initially but can be easily scooped out of the tin when slightly warmed. Sometimes I just leave it in my pants packets before I plan on applying it. This gives it enough time and heat to melt adequately. Other good ways to heat it up are to give it a quick heating with a hairdryer or to run it under warm water.

After a good application, I find it super strong with an all day hold. When left in overnight I can simply reshape my facial hair upon awakening, as it remains extremely pliable and manageable. Many people use it every day but for my length of beard I thought it was best kept for when maximum hold was required. I’m sure with some more growth I can see myself using it daily and combining it with the primary to finalize the look of my beard.

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Our Final Verdict 

Just like using a product like Liberty Beard Balm, you shouldn't be afraid to use this product daily. Almost all hair care treatments are made with daily use in mind, as this is also an important part of training your facial hair. Because of this Can You Handlebar only use quality ingredients from Michigan bees, lanolin, castor oil, coconut oil, shea butter as well as Vitamin E.

The smell is amazing, and it contains no artificial dyes or fragrances. This is why the scent it puts out comes purely from the natural beeswax. This mixture allows you to keep the product in all day long without worrying about having to clean it rigorously. To manage your facial hair, use some conditioner every other day.

When the hair is still wet use a defrizzer or blow dry on low heat and comb it out to straighten the beard more. Take a small amount of primary wax and rub into your palms to melt and then apply it to your beard and comb through the hair. Finally apply a small amount of the secondary wax for the last touch up. Ten minutes of work to create a clean and outstanding beard that will last the entire day.

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The Good

  • Great price for a set
  • Holding power for multiple occasions
  • Perfect styling combo

The Bad

  • Secondary may not be suitable for shorter beards