Bluebeards Original Wonder Beard Intensive Repair

bluebeards original beard conditioner review

Bluebeards Original Wonder Beard Conditioner - Product Review

Most amazing scent of all conditioners

Introduction & Overview

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Bluebeards Original Wonder Beard Intensive Repair

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Most men fear growing a beard for one reason. They itch. You begin the journey only to find you cannot handle that damn annoying itch. With some intensive repair from a cream like Bluebeards, you'll float right through this stage and you can even bring a dreary beard back to life.

I still remember the first time I tried to grow a beard. It only started to resemble something of a beard and then I found myself thinking 'this is ridiculous'. I couldn't stop scratching and playing with my facial hair. My dreams of being sexy and sharper looking had turned into nightmares and I needed to find a solution that would work fast. I hope this Bluebeards beard wash review helps you make the right choice when picking your facial hair grooming product.

A Specialty Beard Conditioner

I would use some regular shampoo and conditioner in the shower but didn't know it wasn't helping by drying out my skin and stripping my facial hair of the natural oils it desperately needed.

This brand has been in the industry for many years and a Bluebeard wash was the first wash out conditioner I ever used on my hair. It basically cured me by providing protection during the itching stage of initial beard growth. With some newer products in their range, Bluebeards have come out with an intensive repair cream for use on new growth facial hair and heavily damaged beards caused by lack of care or daily exposure to the elements.

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Perfect Scent Smell

They have nailed it with the smell. This is the best smelling product my nose has had the pleasure of sniffing. Balms and Oils can have some amazing smells, but the smell of most wash out conditioners either get a few complaints or lack any smell to begin with. All of this brands products have knocked it out of the park when it comes to aromas and his intensive repair conditioner doesn't disappoint. It comes in a lemon lime scent that is just amazing and my girlfriend catches me sniffing the bottle all the time like I'm a freak.

If you're having trouble finding an attractive smelling wash out condition, give this one a try and you'll be thanking me.

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Intensive Care

As the name implies, this is a super heavy duty treatment. If you have badly damaged facial hair, then this is the kind of treatment you should be looking at. The intensive product helped me out when I was undertaking outdoors work. Before I head out I usually give my facial hair a modest dose of oil. It's already quite untamed, dry and coarse and once I'm working in the heat my facial hair starts to become extremely dry and wiry. There's not much I can do when its exposed to harsh conditions while out on the job.

So I chose to use the intensive repair cream that only needs to be applied twice a week, not like some products you can leave in all day long. The ingredients contain meadow foam seed oil and amino acids that help to bind moisture to the hair locking it in and making it less likely to break or to be brittle. This combination protects the hair through the day and also controls curls.

I found the effects of the conditioner really come out after 2 weeks of use. In the dry weather, I can notice the repairing qualities of the cream as it keeps my facial hair from cracking or getting splits in some hot and dry conditions. I think this cream can bring a dead beard back from the grave because its' blasted my one into shape when it was severely damaged.

How To Use a Conditioning Beard Cream

This is one of the best beard conditioner products I have tried. The fact you don't need to wash it out is amazing. Bluebeards beard cream is effective enough that it only needs to be applied two to three times a week. When showering, you need to give it a good cleanse and then rinse it out. You can then apply the wonder cream and follow the instructions by letting it sit for 3 minutes. After the time is up, simply wash out the conditioner.

I recommend doing it twice a week, as you don't want to overdo conditioner use. With this frequency, I found immediate results but achieved longer lasting benefits after two weeks of use. My hairs were instantly softer and more manageable as soon as I first used it. I sat there running my fingers through it and didn't catch any snags. Even the comb glided through my hair with ease. After the two week mark my hairs would stay soft and healthy throughout the day while working outside.

When using the condition cream just squeeze out a small dollop. This is all that's needed to cover your entire facial hair and because you only need to use it twice a week the bottle lasts a lengthy amount of time. It's nearly been two months from when I started using the cream and I'm only half way through the bottle!

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Our Final Verdict

Wonder cream isn't just another wash out conditioner. It's made for intensive repair that aims to restore and revitalize dry and damaged beards. The conditioning properties reduce breakage by strengthening elasticity in your facial hair and can bring a beard back to its former glory.

With the deep conditioning effects, the cream will take the pain away from growing your first beard or even a new one. I never recommend using some generic head and shoulders conditioner on your facial hair. Our beautiful beards can't make its own moisturizing oil like the hair on our head does. So why would we want to dry them out and strip them of their oils? It's because if this reason that we want to the best conditioner that will work with the skin under our facial hair and relieve any itchiness caused by dryness.

The other recommendation for this cream is that it's one of the best solutions for maintaining facial hair if your lazy and don't want to put in product every day. Some people want to create a healthy soft facial hair without going through the trouble of having multiple balms and oils to apply each day. With only two applications a week you won't have much to worry about with wonder facial hair intensive care.

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The Good

  • No Parabens
  • Family owned & made in USA
  • Amazing scent
  • Only needs to be used twice a week

The Bad

  • Cannot be used to shape or style beard