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Honest Amish Classic
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Vanilla & Tobacco

Freshly Scent

Fireplace Scent



Avocado & Apricot

Avocado & Apricot kernel

Jojoba & Almond

Mixture of Several Oils

Jojoba & Argan














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This is where products like beard oil are great. They take a lot of effort out of growing and maintaining your facial hair. Being on this site, it means you’ve heard of them but it’s surprising how many guys don’t really understand a lot about their individual properties, and how each one can produce some really different results. 

We want to help make your research process really quick, and the best part is how fast you can see results when you start using a different product for yourself and virtually see superb growth. Similar to washing your hair, or changing the soap you use in the shower each day, the results of how your beard looks during the entire day can sometimes felt within just a few hours of applying a good quality beard growth oil or product.

All of the beard oil reviews that are published on this site are of beard oils and other products that we have used ourselves and feel strongly enough about to share with you, our readers. We want you to know where to begin and how to know you start using the best beard products for your man mane that will give you amazing results.

Review of the Best Beard Oil & Care Products

If you’re new to the world of being a bearded man and looking for some products to ease the itch and help with growth, one of the following brands are a great starting place. With these reviews and the information above, you are fully equipped with all the best grooming tips and information you need to choose the right type of oil for your skin and facial hair type.


Honest Amish Classic

You only need a couple of drops of this fantastic beard oil to see results pretty quickly. This product helps nourish your facial hair with superb fragrances then it helps feed your skin with much-needed vitamins. Your beard will stand out from the crowd. It will be shiny, smell fresh and overall give you that look you always wanted. There are countless positive reviews and a large and loyal fan base that accompany this brand and their products. The Honest Amish Classic beard oil is the best product on the market.


  • 100% natural
  • Moisturizes skin perfectly
  • Reduces Itch

  • Includes vitamin to promote growth

  • Voted “best beard oil of 2016”


  • The black licorice scent is not everyone favorite



Detroit Corktown beard oil is known for many things such as their auto show, hockey, and Mowtown. Now you can add one more thing to the list- beard oil. They have produced one of the best grooming products on the market helping bring back the old classic look and smell of a beard. In our review, we discuss what a superb smell and excellent ingredients this product has. This deserves a look over.


  • All natural ingredients 
  • Reduces frizz and softens facial hair
  • Unique vanilla and tobacco smell


  • Open pour bottle – sometimes it can be a bit hard to control compared to the dropper


Blue bottle

This completely natural beard oil is made from all plant-based ingredients and was incredibly easy to apply. The product spread really well through our facial hair, and we didn’t seem to need as much to cover our entire face.

Check out the full review on Premium Beardsmen Spirit as well as the good and bad points we found with this hair care product for your face.


  • Large bottle will last ages and gives great value for money
  • Very manly smelling scent that isn’t overpowering or lingers for hours
  • Slow absorption rate provides hours of comfort and relief.

  • Top rated beard oil.


  • Claims to be able to grow hair faster but we didn’t notice any difference
  • Feels a little thicker and ‘gloopy’ compared to other beard oils we’ve used
  • While we liked the smell, some friends did comment on how strong it is



This is by far one of our most favorite face fuzz products and the best way to maintain good looking beards day in and day out. The relief and protection it provides to your skin is second to none. You can read the complete review as well as some of the likes and dislikes that we found during our testing and evaluation of Cinder Beard Oil. If you’re just starting with building on your five o’clock shadow, this one is definitely worth a look.


  • The smell. It’s amazing and lasts almost the full day.
  • Thinner blend of oil made it really easy to apply
  • Our girlfriends can’t get enough of the scent and like the soft, smooth conditioned hair this oil gave.

  • Voted best beard softener


  • Relatively small bottle compared to other brands
  • We found that 1-2 more drops were needed to get a good effect


Brown bottle

Looking for something that has the ingredients that can “assist” with hair growth? Look no further than this great quality product. In our review, we found that it contains the two secret weapons that help stimulate hair growth. Jojoba and Argan make this a force to be reckoned with.

This unscented, all natural oil rightfully deserves a place in our top 5 because it ticks all the right boxes and the Beard Legacy Beard Oil is great value for money.


  • All natural ingredients made with Jojoba and Argan
  • Conditions and softens your hair and skin
  • Good for stimulating growth
  • Relives you from dandruff, itching, dry, and flaky
  • Unscented –Good for people who are sensitive to strong odors
  • Easy to use–Comes with a drip top so you can measure your daily use
  • Great oil for beards


  • Relatively small bottle compared to other brands
  • Slightly more expensive than other grooming products

Understanding Oils And Their Ingredients

What Is Beard Oil?

Before we get into the various products on the market and talk about which brands have the best results for the different types of facial skin and hair, knowing a little about the products is will help you understand which type is going to be the best one for you.

Essentially, beard oil is a cosmetic product made from a blend of base and essential oils. It’s the base organics like grapeseed and jojoba that help to keep your skin and your facial hair soft and smooth. While the essential oils are included to provide a nice aroma to your great looking, masculine face!

Having an ungroomed, scruffy face can really get irritating during the day. It’s the base oils that help to keep the hair smooth and glowing with a nice shine. Its second job is to protect your facial skin by keeping it moisturized to feel soft and smooth for hours.

Keeping a well maintained facial hair isn’t hard, but think about how much your mouth gets used each day and what goes near it. They can quite easily pick-up the scent of things in the surrounding environment. It’s the job of the essential oils to provide a nice aroma that keeps your entire body smelling fresh and clean.

A lot of guys hesitate and miss out on some of the top beard oils that offer stronger smelling scents. Be sure you try at least one that has a nice balance of both base and essential oils. It’s amazing how a consistent fresh smell can affect confidence levels.

When to Start Using Products

In our reviews, we cover the most popular question we get asked all the time when is the best time to start using products like beard oils or balms. The best thing about being a bearded gentleman is that it’s completely unique to you. Just like a fingerprint or the color and shape of your eyes. If you feel that your face is getting a little itchy or rough, then a small amount of conditioning treatment is perfectly fine.

If you’re just starting out, no product that can make your facial hair grow faster, but that journey is part of the experience. Remember you’re growing more than a few whiskers, and things take time to develop. Enjoy the ride and don’t be in a rush to reach your destination too quickly.

The best advice you can get on when to start applying products to your face fuzz is when you feel like it’s needed. For men who have experience with the growing process will already know that products like beard shampoo are key to having good looking beards that are always impressive to look at.

While it can sometimes be overwhelming. One great thing about having so many products to choose from in today’s market is how things like shampoo and beard oils reduce conditions like itchiness and dry skin which can lead to having minor issues like facial dandruff which isn’t very appealing.

Remember, it’s yours! Grow it how you choose and use resources to find the best mens’ beard products oil, conditioner or shampoo that works for you. And start as soon as you feel it will offer you some benefit.

How Does It Work & How Do You Use It?

The Top Benefits

  • Removes the Itchy feeling. 

    By far the most popular benefit that men’s facial hair care products offer, is their ability to remove the dreaded itchy feeling on your face that can become quite irritating if left untreated.

  • Providing moisture to your sebaceous glands. 

    As your facial hair gets longer, the more beard oil is absorbed and at a faster rate. It’s this process that causes your skin to start itch and dehydrate the skin on your face.

    Basically, making you feel completely uncomfortable and is one of the reasons why some men don’t like grow more than a small amount of stubble. They simply haven’t tried doing it with the correct moisturizer or other conditioning products.

  • Vitamin E helps with anti-ageing.

    Most products for maintaining your face fuzz include Vitamin E as one of their main ingredients which provide a lot of nourishment to your facial skin, keeping it healthy and well moisturized. There are also products like beard wax that a lot of gentlemen find more convenient.

  • Hairs won’t become tangled or Knotted

    You’ll notice that the hairs won’t become tangled or knotted as quickly which makes it heaps easier for you to maintain and keep your face looking neat.

Men who have grown more than a five o’clock shadow and stop using oils or conditioners will quickly notice the skin on their face dry out. If you have a long facial hair, your skin can develop flaky white, dandruff in a very short period of time. It’s the Vitamin E as well as other key ingredients in products that keep this and other dry skin conditions at bay.

Thousands of beards could be saved every day if more men knew how much relief for that irritation a tiny amount of oil can provide.

Keep growing that glorious man mane in comfort and try any one of the products on this site. We already know that you will be surprised with the results.

For your partner, the feeling of soft silky smooth hair is far more pleasing than having a really rough hair that can cause scratches or marks on sensitive areas of the body like their face, or other more delicate bits.

Applying a regular amount of beard oil will make it look and feel a lot more appealing, which can benefit you by leading to other activities.

How To Use It

There’s nothing too it really. And after a week or so it becomes second nature. Within no time it will become a part of your standard grooming process, just like taking a shower or brushing your teeth. If you already have more than some stubble, then the most important step is to make sure all of the product reaches down to your skin to keep it soft and moisturized.

Applying the beard oil as often as you feel the need will help to keep it healthy and one of the best looking moustache or bearded face that your friends, family, and co-workers see each day. Of course, putting it on at the right time is important as well.

You probably know that beard oil doesn’t mix very well with water, so if you’ve just finished up in the shower or gotten home from a swim make sure you dry your face before applying any oil to your beard. We find it best to dab our bearded face with a soft towel or cloth when wet rather than waiting for it to air dry. Having a small amount of moisture in your facial hairs does help with rubbing the oil across the entire area of your face. The oil actually replaces the water and gives the absorption process a little bit of a boost.

Depending on how long you’ve been growing your facial hair for will be a factor in how much of the product is needed. Most of the best beard oils on the market today come with a small dropper inside the box which can help with measuring each application and avoiding spills or waste. Generally speaking, at first you will need to pour a dime-sized amount of product into the palm of your hands, that’s normally enough to get started. You can always add more if needed. Next start rubbing your hands together lightly so the beard oil spreads from your palm to your fingers. You can then start rubbing your face with both hands, making sure that the oil is coating your skin as well as the hairs.

Once you’ve applied the oil to all of the skin on your face, you can repeat the process on the hairs too. Doing this helps lower the amount of oil that your hair needs to absorb from the skin and makes your treatment last longer.

Please remember the frequency of application varies based on whether its summer or winter. Your hair grows quicker in the summer so you might see yourself finishing your bottle quickly. Your skin and hair will have different reactions to different oils so you might have to test out a couple of oils before finding a product that suits your needs.

Our Team

Each of the guys on our team test all the various products and have been following all the previous best beard oil review sites since they were teenagers. All up there is over 20 years’ experience of using oils, shampoos, and conditioners on their face to keep their skin soft and their facial hair looking as magnificent as it possibly can.

We rate each product on a number of factors. Things like the nutrient value provided, the quality of the oil blend as well as how each one reacts to different skin types. We cover everything. Below you’ll find 5 of the most favorite products that the team recommends. Give them a try. We are sure you’ll love them too.

About Our Team

We will be adding more reviews of the best mens beard oils and other hair care products to the site over the coming weeks and months as the guys get the time to completely test and write down all their thoughts on each product that hits the market. The personal hygiene products shown above are our clear favorites and ones that get our full recommendations. However, there are a lot more reviews available on the site. 

Be sure to check out the review section for each type of facial hair care product on the site that includes information on things like ingredients as well as some of the tips and tricks that each of the team have picked up through decades of face fuzz growing and maintaining experience.

Remember that growing a facial hair is personal to you and trying a range of techniques and products can really transform an average or reasonable looking beard into a magnificent one. The most important thing is to be comfortable with your facial hair and avoid things like itchy skin or other conditions. Things like beard oil are perfect for exactly this.

Having a more than a five o’clock shadow doesn’t need to take hours of time. Get yourself some good quality beard oil or conditioning products, look after the skin on your face and you’ll have a magnificent looking man mane in no time.

Here’s a Chart Representing a Study of Beard Oil Treatments

Chart: How soon can you get results from beard oils

One of the most common questions we get asked on a daily basis is “how long does it take for beard oil to be effective.” It depends on how long and thick your facial hair is and how often you use beard oil to help you achieve your goals.

Remember different oils produce different results, so that’s why it’s crucial that you pick the best beard oil, for your facial hair type.

Eight times out of 10 people give up on their beards because the itch is so irritating that they eventually dread the thought of having the itch long term. Don’t give up!

Because we’ve created a chart to show you exactly how long it should take for a decent oil to have an impact on your facial hair. Your goals could be just around the corner, so I suggest you take a look before committing “beardacide” and ending all that hard work you put into your face.

4 Things to Remember When Choosing Your Beard Oils


It’s All in the Ingredients

When it comes to finding the best oil for you, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. You will hear a lot that “cheap beard oil sucks”. Please don’t be fooled with the cheap looking bottles. Sometimes they have the best ingredients in them. I would always keep it el naturale, why reinvent the wheel? The best oils are produced with all natural organic ingredients such as Jojoba and Argan oils because they provide all the moisture that your skin and hair follicles need to fight dandruff, itching, and dry and untameable facial hair. These popular oils are normally found in premium health and beauty products. Just make sure whatever oil you buy, you read the ingredients label beforehand. If you have to pay extra for the right ingredients, then I would definitely recommend that.


Scent or Unscented? 

It’s a simple question, do you want to smell woodsy or don’t you? This purely comes down to preference, but it’s an important factor to think about before buying any product to look after your face fuzz.

If you’re looking for decent oil, I do not recommend using any oil that contains fragrance oil. Fragrance oils are substitutes that cosmetic companies use to make a cheaper product. So the end result is these companies save money and you get a lower quality product.

Some men love a beard oil that has a very manly aroma and some girlfriends or wives love it too, but for others it can cause headaches and sometimes even nausea if the fragrance is too strong, particularly when you’re rubbing the stuff, literally right under your nose. Think about it!


Keep it Simple and User-Friendly 

When applying you only need 3 or 4 drops rubbed into your facial hair daily to start seeing effects, and for this reason most facial hair products come in small sizes. The smarter brands think about the user experience and provide bottles that feature the drip top or restrictor valve, making it easier to actually measure each application.

Luckily we are finding this more common in our beard oil reviews as more manufacturers are following this popular trend, although there are still some brands out there that think free pouring it into the palm of your hand is a good process. Don’t complicate what should be easy, and save money by thinking ahead.


Alternatives to Beard Oils

There is a number of options out there for people who don’t fancy using oil or maybe even prone to having a skin reaction to using it. Firstly, you have balm that acts as an intermediary. Due to balms being mainly water based, it is much kinder on your face. The other options are shampoo/conditioners, and wax. All of them have different benefits, but overall it is purely down to your own choice.

We have carried out a number of reviews, listing the good and bad of each product. If this is the first time you are grooming your beard, please read every review in detail before picking a product.