Fisticuffs Mustache Wax – Product Review

our fisticuffs mustache wax review

Fisticuffs Mustache Wax - Product Review

Ideal strength for the beard

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Fisticuffs Mustache Wax

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Beard Wax


When styling is top priority there's no time to waste with weaker balms and waxes. Jump onto a mustache wax that's too strong and you'll find yourself in more trouble. The trick in finding the perfect balance can be found in Fisticuffs Wax for Mustaches.

When buying a mustache wax for beard styling, we want to be careful and avoid the stronger waxes. Because some mustache wax is created to turn your whiskers into forms of art, they are too strong and stiff making them unsuitable for beards.

Strong Online Community

Luckily I learnt about Fisticuffs through a friend at work who recently used the product commenting how well it works at styling his hair. Considered a less firm wax for the mustache it can provide the perfect amount of hold for a well-shaped beard.

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It’s also worth mentioning the owner Wayne Bailey has amassed a strong online community with his Facebook page and organisation of the Grave Before ShaveBeard & Mustache Club with a highly active 1000+ member following. You can meet people talking about the bearded lifestyle that post pictures, questions and advice to support each other and facial hair questions or achievements.

My First Impressions

The first thing I noticed when I received my product was the unique shape of the tin. Most, if not all balms and waxes come in the same unoriginal circular tin. Time and time again it’s a twist top tin with a different logo. Fisticuffs Beard Wax on the other hand, comes in a small 15g (5oz) rectangular sliding tin with an old western font on the front for the product name..

I really like the idea of using a rectangular slide top tin with the slim profile, as it slips perfectly into you’re your pocket. The design is highly useful for its portability. I’m used to carrying the regular round tins but this product is more comfortable and doesn't create a strange bulge in my pants. What’s more important is the top of the tin didn’t slide off while carrying it in the pant packets.

After I opened the sliding top, I found the yellow wax would push right out and doesn't need any kind of warming or hair dryer tricks to soften it up. With other products, you will find yourself putting in extra work to heat it up before you can even scoop it out of the tin.

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Plenty Of Scent Options 

This product comes in three scents. Lavender, bay rum and original. I only tested the Original version, which was a sweet citrusy lemon with the base hint of beeswax. 

I presume the aroma comes from the mixture of essential oils like the rosemary oil, lemongrass oil and orange essence that are found in the ingredients.

I enjoy the scent of natural essential oils but have not had the chance to smell the lavender or bay rum products from Fisticuffs. My friend at work uses the lavender and says its quite strong when first applied but leaves a softer and not overly sweet lavender aroma.

Strong Styling Power

Once I get the product rubbed into my beard there is no waxy residue left over which was a good sign. The last thing I want is clumping from an overly strong wax leaving wax visible in my facial hair.

As Fisticuffs is not too waxy for a mustache wax it works well when used in my beard. This product is semi-dense and can be easily scooped out. Once applying it to the board you'll find it to be very pliable and may be surprised at how it feels. Just keep rubbing it into your beard until it really softens and absorbs. Once done it pleasantly sets to a very firm hold without any stiffness. Quite the surprise after initially touching it as the beard take on a smooth and soft feel afterwards. Many people prefer the wax over the Fisticuffs beard oil for that sole reason alone. 

The hold can be described as a medium to firm strength. I was able to get a more aggressive style out of the beard compared when my Honest Amish beard wax review was written a short time ago. This is the product to use for thick coarse hair. If you're going for something with a more extreme style, then you will need to incorporate a hair dryer to let the product set and hold the shape in place before heading out.

With many natural ingredients like beeswax, tea tree oil, coconut oil and jojoba oil you get a light base of conditioning. The only unnatural ingredient would be the raw petroleum jelly that’s added to the blend. Due to the amount of beeswax and especially the petroleum jelly in the wax, you will have some trouble cleaning your hair just with a rinse. You’re going to want to wash this out with a nice shampoo to remove everything completely.

a strong beard wax that lasts all day

Our Final Verdict

Because it’s used for styling you won’t find it has 24-hour holding power. For my beard, I would find myself reapply halfway through the day and that’s all that was needed. This may not be the wax for you if you don’t want to use it during the day, but remember that it’s one the most portable of beard products I have used so far and doesn't take long to apply a fresh coat. 

It’s the Ideal strength for medium to coarse hair, while being strong enough for thicker whiskers too. As it’s not an all-natural product and contains petroleum jelly it can be a deal breaker for some but overall this is the best beard wax review that I have written. 

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The Good

  • Slim and portable sliding top tin
  • Strong holding power for beards
  • Doesn’t clump

The Bad

  • Contains petroleum jelly
  • Not the best for conditioning