Why Do People Need Beard Oils?


Man with beard

Although beard oils are common in the market, many people are yet to embrace the product. Some will maintain a beard but never apply any oil while others will use other products other than the oil. Generally, oils for beard consist of base oil such as grapeseed, jojoba, argan or almond oil, and essential oils like peppermint, clove, eucalyptus, and many more. Some high-end oils also contain vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. But why should you apply the oil on your beard?

1. Restore Vitality

The beard will lose its appeal and shine overtime due to aging, poor grooming habits, bad diet, exposure to the elements, infections and many other reasons. This will lead to thin and weak hairs that make you beard uneven and not so appealing. Applying oil to the beard helps in repairing the damaged hair follicles, treating infection and rejuvenating the skin. Besides making the beard denser and stronger, the oil also makes the beard.

2. Soothes and Moisturizes the Skin

Although referred to as beard oil, this oil is also beneficial to the skin around the beard. Growth, shaving creams and shampoos penetrate in-between the hairs and may affect the skin. This is symbolized by dry, flaky, scaly and itchy beard that is not only annoying but can also be quite embarrassing.

Usually, this discomfort occurs due to little sebum oil that is naturally found on/in the skin. Beard oils help to moisturize and soothe the skin and also boost the production of natural skin oil. This reduces possibility of itching, dryness or flaky beard.

3. Restore the Shine

Like other facial hairs, the beard also needs to lookman with beard neat and shiny. However, due to it being thicker and denser, taking care of the beard is more challenging. It may entangle easily, lose the shine or grow unevenly due to dry skin, poor growth, low immunity, damaged skin or bad grooming habits.

Such problems are best dealt with by applying the right oil on the beard. It will restore vitality, protect the beard from damage, moisturize the skin and also make the hairs thicker, denser and shiny.

4. Nice Smell and Zero Flakes

A poorly-kept beard is not only an eyesore but also tends to smell bad. This is due to sweat, dirt, germs and bacteria that are trapped in-between the hairs. Many people also have to worry about flyaway hairs or beard-druff (flakes) that is common. Thanks to containing essential oils, beard oils are able to tame the bad smell, flakes and flyaway hairs leaving you not only looking sharp but also smelling fresh all day long.

Listed above are some of the main reasons why beard oil is becoming a must-have for many people. Using the oil also makes combing easy, improves hydration, creates a healthy zone for re-growth of hair, eliminates toxins and makes styling easier.

Nonetheless, not all oils will work for you or your beard and it’s critical to only invest in top products. Such products will be made from natural and organic oils, will be backed by positive reviews and don’t contain synthetic additives that cause side effects.