Why Is Your Beard Itchy?

For people that are trying to grow facial hair, there is often one common issue that they do share- beard itch. This is a problem that is not unknown to men. Those that have had the chance to actually grow their facial hair have been through the same struggle. There are a number of factors that may be causing the itch and there are ways for one to prevent it and address it too. Understanding the root cause is a very good way of ensuring that the solution you come up with is going to really work.

It Itches Because You Shaved Them

Why beards itch has been the quintessential question that men have been asking. Whether they have been successful in growing a beard or still attempting to grow one, this is always a valid concern that has since been raised for ages. The answer is largely due to shaving.

When you pass a razor through that facial hair as you shave, the tips are being made sharp from the cutting. You have been shaving them off all these years and then suddenly, you have decided to grow them out. Naturally, the constant shaving has caused the tips to be tougher and when they grow out, they tend to itch. If you feel the scruff, you will notice that it is actually quite tough.

Debris On The Beard Can Cause Itch

If you have not noticed it yet, your beard can actually pick up a lot of debris from all around you. If it is not washed properly with beard shampoo and it is not groomed and cleaned on the regular, you will be surprised at the amount and type of debris that may get caught up in it. If you have been neglecting facial hair care for a time now and you have noticed some itching and irritation, it is about time you pick up the pace or you have really no business growing one in the first place. A good and healthy facial hair requires constant maintenance.

Hair Characteristics Can Cause Itching Too

Just like how there are people whose hair characteristics cause them to have a really hard, if not impossible time to grow full facial hair, there are also those people whose hair causes them to start to itch when they try to grow them. Certain hair characteristics can cause them to be itchier when compared to others if they are grown out. For instance, African hair tends to get itchy when grown out due to their spiral nature when they are shaved deeper, there is a fair chance that they can really itch a lot due to the direction in which the hair is then going to grow.

It Is Not Properly Moisturized

Just like the hair on your head, your facial hair requires proper moisturizing as well. Imagine what happens when you do not condition your hair. It is very likely that you will have a dry and flaky scalp. Not to mention, itchy. The same holds true for your facial hair too. When you are not getting the follicles the nourishment and the moisture that they need, the skin surrounding them will be dry and it will be flaky. As a result, you will feel it itch. The use of oil and other facial conditioner is encouraged after grooming to ensure that the hair remains healthy, nourished, and properly moisturized.

Improper Shavingshaved chin

Sometimes, people just end up shaving the wrong way, which then causes the hair to grow awry, and for it to itch. Not a lot of people handle their shaving business right and this can mess up how the follicles will grow. Shaving way too deep is also another issue that may cause itching. When the hair is shaved too deep, it will have a harder time breaking through the skin when growing out. This is why they tend to itch more as a result.

Itchy Beard Solution

You will find though that while it is a reality that men must face how they will have to encounter itchy facial hair along the way, it is not the end of the world for them. For those that really love their facial hair and would want to keep them on minus the inconvenience of itching there are a number of things that they can do to make sure that they will minimize, if not fully get rid of the problem.

Use beard oil. Dry skin is itchy and the best way to address that is to use moisturizing products every time you wash and groom your facial hair.

shavingComb it regularly. Matted and tangled facial hair will only likely catch more debris and other unwanted elements on it that may cause irritation to the skin underneath. The solution would be to get it groomed and combed regularly.

Use facial hair shampoo. Standard shampoo should not be used to wash facial hair since the chemicals might be way too strong and may cause dryness. A facial hair targeted product is always the best thing for growing purposes.