What are the Most Popular Beard Styles for This Year?

Confused about which beard style is the perfect one to have for this year? With so many styles popping out as of late, men have started to consider growing their beard out and have it styled. So which one is perfect for you? This question suggests that you can’t just opt out with any style that you fancy. Below is a list of styles that you might find perfect for you.


One of the most famous styles these days is the Balbo. balbo beardYou see this style mostly with Robert Downey Jr., a famous American actor that has starred in very famous films such as Iron Man and The Avengers. He has maintained his Balbo look for many years and he really matches with it perfectly. This style is perfect for those with the narrow chin.

In order to achieve this style, you have to grow out a full beard so that you can shape it up to Balbo. This means no shaving for four weeks or up to the point when you see your beard fully grown. You need to grow your mustache as well. This style needs good sculpting, maybe using some sort of high-quality beard balm or oil. You can either use an electric razor or a disposable one in order to take out the hair on each side. To shape this style in the right manner, you will need a straight razor.


bearded manThe name of this style was first introduced by Eric Bandholz, the man behind Beardbrand. He first used to work as one of the many employees in a company until he found his passion in beards. Of course, growing out your facial hair does get its own criticisms in society, and he got his own share as well. It pushed him to his limit from the negative comments that he’s got in the corporate world, thus he quit and founded his company Beardbrand.

The Bandholz style is perfect for shaped diamond, oval, oblong, triangle and inverted triangle. To achieve this style, your first requirement is patience. You will have to grow the beard out, which means you will experience the unkempt and patchy look of it in the first four months. Keep the your facial hair untouched and try to have as much patience as you can. There is no need for scissors and razors as you aren’t going to need them for a couple of months. You only have to let it grow until it reaches the maximum length. At its 7th month, you can start cutting and shaping it in order to keep its shape as it is, but this entirely depends on your preference.

Clean Shaven

Is this even considered a style? Yes, it is! man shavingMost men do not like to grow their facial hair because they feel that it is untidy. This will never go out of style, especially amongst men that need to work in the corporate world, which requires them to have a tidy shaven look. This look is even a plus for most women.

There is no restriction to who can wear this style. All you need is some razors or trimmers and clean out all the growing facing hair!